The base for a pure and genuine wine is the land. Our soil is lean, where however the vine easily produces great quality grapes. The area of “DOC - Controlled Denomination of Origin - Isonzo del Friuli”, where we are, has a triangular shape, where the east vertexes is Lucinico (Gorizia), Cormons at west and Gradisca d'Isonzo is the souther one. The south-east area is marked by the bed of the Isonzo river. The area, also called upper “isontina” plane, is flat; it is formed by a tipically gentle, light and pebbly terrain, made up of a mixture of small and medium rocks and good quality sands.

The soil is very brusquely and rich in nitrous salts, kissed by sun and good air. These features make our area exceptionally suitable for wine growing: the vine is grown with care and with relatively poor nutritional substances, so producing few but very tasty grapes. Our origins and our spirit reside in this land and we deeply identify ourselves with it.